ULV Fogger

Sterilise and decontaminate. Fast.

Rascal Cleaning Services would like to introduce a new revolutionary machine that can sterilise and decontaminate any premises, areas or wards (in particular) in a quick, rapid turnaround.

The ULV Fogger is suitable for Hospitals, Doctor Surgeries, Dentists and Schools/ Nurseries.

In accordance with The Department for Health’s HCAI Technology Innovation Programme, the ULV Fogger:

  • Is effective in reducing environmental viable counts which include E-Coli, C.difficile and MRSA
  • The turnaround time from the start of fogging to return to clinical usage- averaged no more than 1 hour
  • It does not require heating and does not use solvents or chlorine-based compounds
  • European regulation states that Formula 429 can be used after 17 days to weeks to treat rooms and areas again
  • Formula 429 and 429 plus have a “logkill” factor of 6, well exceeding the capabilities of bleach, which has a “logkill” of just 1 at 99.9%

Reducing healthcare acquired infections (HCAIs) is one of the top priorities for the NHS.

While the basic ways of reducing HCAIs are largely unchanged, new technologies and equipment can help to meet these goals more quickly and with Rascal Cleaning investing into these new machines, we are happy to help incorporate the ULV Fogging as part of your be-spoke cleaning packages, to ensure that all areas are covered within your premises.

Overall, the clinical study undertaken indicates that the cold fogging with such a broad spectrum water-based antimicrobial is a practical and effective method of decontaminating areas that are potential sources of infection and hospital bugs.

We would be happy to set up a demonstration to show the benefits and advantages of using an ULV Fogging machine at your business.

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